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Not just a Black Tote

The humble Tote has been a staple in the wardrobes of men and women everywhere since its inception into the fashion world as L.L. Bean’s Ice Bag in the 1940’s. We thought it was time to design a Hills & West tote that was functional, stylish and accessible, all in one. 

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A sustainable story

The slow fashion movement has made a resurgence over the last 10 years, with the growing voice of the discerning sustainably conscious bringing back a love for the artisan, the old, the minimal and the fight against wastage.

At Hills & West we believe it’s worth investing and championing the ethical and the sustainable so we wanted to share our loves and this little story.

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If you’ve got it flaunt it – chatting with Kirsten Hughes from Flaunter

Starting a new brand is incredibly daunting. 

When I started I was really lucky to have some friends to guide me. I also was introduced to many successful designers and stylists who have been such a great support and happy to share their learnings and tips.

Over a year into the fashion game, I wanted to share one tip that has helped me flaunt my stuff and get Hills & West out there.

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The countdown to Christmas has begun!

It’s December and Christmas is almost upon us; lights are being hung, trees are being decorated, and children around the world are eagerly marking off the days until December 25. Have you got all your presents purchased?  Has Christmas crept up on you again this year? Never despair; Hills & West have got you covered.

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When fashion and travel photography merge – it’s a wrap with Bird and Knoll

Imagine bringing your holidays to life on wearable art?

Well Bird and Knoll have made it happen. This creative duo have been creating wearable art since 2013, brining photographs of iconic destinations to life on luxurious, oversized scarves. Each vignette tells a story of a time and a place, evoking a million different emotions to all who wear them.

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Workbag as a tax deduction – hell yeah!

Did you know you could claim a tax deduction for your Hills & West bag?

As the financial year comes to a close and we are all frantically getting our accounts in order, be smart with your tax and claim part of your everyday workbag essential. 

Find out how you can claim up to $300 as a tax deduction for your practical yet stylish everyday workbag.

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Whiskey Business – the folio for the debonair

The Morgan Business Folio is coming in whiskey and it’s the business.

Tailored to the modern man who prefers a brown accessory, the whiskey business folio is made from Italian leather and gunmetal black hardware. We scoured purveyors of leather far and wide for premium hides that would age with distinction, to give the ultimate personal patina.

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