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Vagabonding: travel diaries part two: Europe

In part one of my 50 destinations in 105 days: travel diaries, I shared the stats of my four-month adventure, and some of the wonderful things I experienced in Asia along the way. Here is a little recap of the stats:

Over 1.5 million steps, 105 days, 50 different destinations (cities/villages), 46 beds, 20 flights, 16 countries, 10 boat trips, 7 country boarders by foot, 5 intrepid tours, 3 festivals, 2 sleeper trains, 4092 photos on my SLR, 268 videos on my iPhone and all for about 3 months salary.

Now a couple of months downs the track I want to share the last part of my journey, however with some time to reflect, I really realise the benefits of pushing myself towards the uncomfortable, of questioning the path that society steers us down and of being that little bit selfish.

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