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Top Accessories for Frequent Travellers

We were very excited to see our Everyday Shopper and Luxe Mini Organiser as part of this collation of top accessories for frequent travellers in Surf4Travel.

I wanted to share the great tips from Karen Harvey, and she is absolutely right, we take our Everyday Shopper everywhere.

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mother + joey – bringing life into Australian family lifestyle fashion

After seeing a gap in the market, a chat over the back fence and nine months of creating, mother + joey was born.

This is a wonderful story about two mother’s who saw a gap in the market, wanted to create a legacy and still have the flexibility to manage their five kids aged five and under.

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If you’ve got it flaunt it – chatting with Kirsten Hughes from Flaunter

Starting a new brand is incredibly daunting. 

When I started I was really lucky to have some friends to guide me. I also was introduced to many successful designers and stylists who have been such a great support and happy to share their learnings and tips.

Over a year into the fashion game, I wanted to share one tip that has helped me flaunt my stuff and get Hills & West out there.

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The countdown to Christmas has begun!

It’s December and Christmas is almost upon us; lights are being hung, trees are being decorated, and children around the world are eagerly marking off the days until December 25. Have you got all your presents purchased?  Has Christmas crept up on you again this year? Never despair; Hills & West have got you covered.

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The Morgan Collection has turned one...

Thank you for making our first year so special. 

With gorgeous new pieces in the pipeline, a new luxe home collection coming soon, a first pop-up in Melbourne, our first stall in Design Anarchy in November and some favourites returning, it is already turing out to be a wonderful year two.

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The High Tea Society - delve into the perfect afternoon accessory

Many years ago, during my SBS Food days, I was lucky to be introduced to a high tea aficionado, Michelle Milton, who had a vision to create a destination for all the high teas of the world to share the stories and tips of other fellow foodies. 

Many years later, well almost 8 years, our paths crossed and I am now a reviewer for The High Tea Society, now it was my turn to interview the wonderful lady.

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Imagination comes from the heart: dog&boy musings
“It’s about a journey, a story; and not just about my story of the beauty of every day, it could be anyone’s.”

When I met Sonya from Dog & Boy we instantly had a mutual connection. When creativity is born out of spontaneity and nurtured through passion, you can’t help but be taken along for the ride.

Be inspired by her journey.

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Look Book - the Morgan capsule collection

Hills & West believe accessories should add practical luxury to our everyday.

From the beginning, our mission has been simple - do what we love, create exceptional pieces and delight people along the way.

We have crafted, collaborated and designed our first ever look book and hope that it truly reflects our style and passion for our Morgan Collection.

Minimalism, function and form forever.

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Quirky Voyeurism: Interiors, Fashion & Food with Two Birds

I love voyeurism and hearing other people’s stories.

I love it even more, when other creative people make the effort to bring stories to life. When I stumbled across Two Quirky Birds, it was a fabulous concoction of all the wonderful things I adore including interiors, fashion and food, delivered in a deliciously, honest and quirky blog.

I have to say, Piera and Angela are just wonderful. They have such a clear vision for what they want to create and are truly passionate about sharing people’s stories.

These birds have inspired me to delve into some of Australia’s talent, join their culinary adventures and tour some of the creative and stunning homes of our most stylish.

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Hills & West joins The First Thread community of emerging designers

Starting a new accessory label is not an easy feat. Not even when you are as passionate as I am. 

You have the upfront investment with your time; brand design and development, website development, content creation, sampling, product photography, merchandising, look books; materials such as leather and hardware and then there is the largest expense - the cost of having the first range hand made by talented artisans. 

Only then, once you have invested your savings and after about six months of your time does the sales cycle start. Of course the effort starts earlier, when you are building the brand, however the returns do not come in until your first sale. This was when I was introduced to The First Thread.

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Minimalism, function & quality: the essential lifestyle accessory by Hills & West.

The entrepreneur and global explorer in me was always on search for the perfect practical, durable, versatile and timeless workbag, and it was starting to become an obsession. A bag that was elegant, luxurious, made with quality craftsmanship, had multiple clever pockets, clean design and large enough to carry my computer, gym gear, notes, camera, glasses and other daily necessities. It was this seemingly impossible feat that formed the foundations of Hills & West.

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The Morgan collection's namesake

Inspired by a passion for bags and named in gratitude; the Morgan collection was crafted with love and is just the start of a whole new range of lifestyle accessories from Hills & West.

With less than a week until the launch of the new Hills & West collection, I thought it would be nice to share the story behind the collection’s name and why I am so passionate about this new chapter in my life.

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