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When fashion and travel photography merge – it’s a wrap with Bird and Knoll

Imagine bringing your holidays to life on wearable art?

Well Bird and Knoll have made it happen. This creative duo have been creating wearable art since 2013, brining photographs of iconic destinations to life on luxurious, oversized scarves. Each vignette tells a story of a time and a place, evoking a million different emotions to all who wear them.

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Minimalism, function & quality: the essential lifestyle accessory by Hills & West.

The entrepreneur and global explorer in me was always on search for the perfect practical, durable, versatile and timeless workbag, and it was starting to become an obsession. A bag that was elegant, luxurious, made with quality craftsmanship, had multiple clever pockets, clean design and large enough to carry my computer, gym gear, notes, camera, glasses and other daily necessities. It was this seemingly impossible feat that formed the foundations of Hills & West.

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