Our Story

The story behind the brand, our motivations, the founder and our creative inspirations.



Have you ever had that wake-up moment when you asked yourself what the hell you’re doing with your life? Well, mine was in October 2014. 

As a thirty-something who, in her heart, was aching to follow her passions; to uncover unique experiences, discover new cultures and meet the creatives who were adding so much colour to the world. It was time to break out and be inspired, leave a pretty great career, pack up my bags and search for some new adventures.

Within the first year, I am lucky to say, that my journey has led me to follow a longstanding desire to create luxury accessories, debuting with a handmade, leather handbag and accessory range. Using traditional techniques from Italy, premium leather and all Australian made, I am creating high-quality work companions for the modern man and woman.

I have also started collaborating with some brilliant minds and creative souls. My aim is to collect and create little gems that inspire, tempt and encourage you to take that leap of faith and do what you love. 

Why Hills & West?

It’s a combination of my nickname, Hills, and the strong influences from my Western European upbringing, West. Plus, I always think two is better than one, and Hills & West had a ring to it.                                                                 

From the beginning, our mission has been simple – do what we love, create exceptional pieces and make people happy.

Handcrafted, locally produced.

Hills & West was born out of the desire to make luxe, timeless lifestyle accessories, accessible, all whilst supporting local community and creating a vehicle for giving.

The Morgan Collection is locally sourced, Australian designed and handmade in Sydney by talented artisans who have been creating leather bags for over 30 years.

The beauty with Hills & West handcrafted accessories is that no bag is exactly the same, the quality is unsurpassed and your investment will only get better with age. When you buy a piece of Hills & West you purchase a unique, superbly crafted, timeless and ethically produced piece to add to your stylish everyday.

A little about me.

Stevie Wonder sings of his daughter Aisha and the meaning of her name: 'life' in his song Isn’t she lovely. With parents who adored Stevie, I became Aisha and was bought up singing to his tunes and embracing everything life had to offer.

Brought up in a family with an international business, from a very young age the appreciation for life, travel and different cultures was ingrained in me. This is what has motivated me to create Hills & West and share my journey.

I hope you enjoy my stories and creations as I explore this insatiable lust for the new and appreciate the art of living.